Our production team is equipped with new CNC equipment, Bob Cad CNC 3D Programming software, and Job Boss Shop Management Routing system.  This means our customers will have no interruptions in scheduling due to machine break down, lower cost in set-up and a quick, accurate response on scheduling request.



Our procurement team are experts in Project Management, Project Financing and Supplier Relationship Management.  Customer's will be confident in Maximum's ability to manage planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources of a project.  The ability of Maximum financing projects gives customers the benefit of turn-key products.  Customers will receive orders that are ready for use or assembly.  Our supplier relationship management will assure customers that Maximum uses experts in product requirements and specifications.



As part of our QMS, we will implements 100% In-Process Dimension Verification.  This will limit the amount of mistakes to one instead of more errors in production.  Customer's material will be used efficiently and orders will be complete.  Before delivery, 100% Final Dimension Verification will be performed by our inspector.  This will limit the non-conforming deliveries to a minimum.  We will have access to a Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) for parts requiring the most precise inspection.  This will give us the ability to inspect parts as customers do.

After delivery or sell of the service.  Maximum will retail all documentation pertaining to an order for 3years.  We will have traceability and production records at customer's request.

Maximum Enterprises, Inc.
Maximum Enterprises, Inc.